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Auto Chrome - Rowland Heights

buchananjacob buchananjacob
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Posted: 05/15/14
05:09 PM

Hey guys,

My name is Jacob and I'm a car enthusiast from Houston, Texas. I was just wondering if anyone here could help me out with a predicament. Back in February, I met a man from Rowland Heights who did chrome plating at a local swap meet. Apparently he makes large round trips picking up lots of parts then taking them all back to Cali to chrome and mail back to his customers. He had done a friend of mine's parts a few months before and they came out real nice so I figured why not give him a try. My car is a 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix that I've had since high school. Recently painted, new interior, really all it needs to be finished is refinishing of the bumpers. Well, now my bumpers are in California (I think), this man's phone number is disconnected, voicemail is full, and I can't get in touch with him. My hope is that maybe someone here has done business with him or met him at a car show or something like that. I really just would like to get some kind of information on whether or not he closed his business, if he's okay, or if its just a miscommunication and he changed numbers or something. Bumpers for a 1972 Grand Prix aren't exactly easy to replace... Any help would be so much appreciated.

His address is 17360 Colima Rd # 167
              Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Thanks guys, sweet rides by the way. Here's a quick pic of mine.
72Grandprix Zpse4b27ae9