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need help

krown#kon krown#kon
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Posted: 06/18/13
05:21 PM

hey I'm pretty new to the lowrider scene always loved the people and cars behind it.  i recently just bought a clean big body car that i think has potential in being what I've always wanted( A LOWRIDER) haha.  i bought a 1987 crown vic for cheap with a mint interior and want to be able to three wheel. i was wondering where i should start, what kind of set up i should use(how many pumps and what kind) if i should start reinforcing the frame and how i go about that as in where should i be welding and how i should make the pieces.  where im from theres a small or none existing lowrider scene looking for help advice techniques and anything i can learn appreciate it thanks.  

nick wheadon nick wheadon
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Posted: 09/17/13
08:42 PM

hey for starters you have a great platform for a low low they look great when done. your car has a basic upper/lower control arm and coil spring front and the same out back. lets start with reinforcing.first if you just want to lift and lay you dont need it but with what you want to do it is needed. first with your front upper and lower control arms they can be reinforced and extended to keep your front tires straight the rear control arms can also be reinforced and extended if needed. as for the frame you have two ways a partial wrap with the car together or a full frame wrap where you take the body off the frame and do the whole frame. use 3/4 to 1 inch thick steel plate on all frame flat points and reinforce all factory weld spots also do the rear spring ears. you can do this yourself if experenced in welding. if not just look on the net for a shop. as for hydros you need at least 8 batterys for power and weight so it helps tip one side down. i would recomend three pumps one to the nose and the back two will each control one side this is for a standing three wheel. if you just want a rolling three a two pump 8 battery setup will be fine. also consider a chain bridge and since you want three wheel you need to do a rear coil over set up with powerballs. these are welded to the rearend and swivel with the car. the coil over simply puts a cup on the top and bottom of the spring. the old way with the cup on top of the spring would cause the spring to fly out. other than what i have mentiond you just need to chose your cylinder size and spring size for the front and rear but a shop can help with that. also look up a site called street charger they have a product that looks like an amp but hooks to your batteries and charges them while you drive so no waiting all day to ride and it runs off your stock altenator. the best three companys i know are showtime hydraulics, prohopper hydraulics and CCE or cool cars enginering they all have great stuff nad shops all over. last the cost can go from 2,000 to well over 5,000 just do some checking and find a really good shop with at least ten years exp and check with better business bura and look on for more tech hope i helped. keep it low and slow