looking for the best lowrider builders

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looking for the best lowrider builders

Shadow Dancer Shadow Dancer
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Posted: 06/08/13
09:13 AM

I am a TV producer looking for a family currently building lowriders in the US.
My main criteria are

1. Real people
2. Successful  shop and very good at what you are doing.
3. You must have fun at what they are doing.
4. Family oriented values.
5. Having true emotions.

Above all you and your family must want to be a reality stars.  Cameras will be following you and your workers. I am not so interested in harsh confrontations as I am in good family fun. You must enjoy making these cars and you must have a very tight family. We want to show the positive side of lowriding, family, entertainment and the joy of a job well done. Its not my intention to be disrespectful to your family, just the opposite. The positive effects on the family.
If you think you would be interested in talking - please contact me