Ok to say/use or not??

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Ok to say/use or not??

unklebuck unklebuck
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Posted: 03/22/13
11:08 AM

Just checking in and need some advice on something if possible.

I am just finishing setting up my new website that does custom clothing and i have been asked to do some custom t-shirts for someone. Now i have a massive library of design work from when i used to do a lot of graffiti work and tattoo designs.

I have been asked to make some chicano and chicana t-shirts and baseball caps, the words are large and very well designed with lots of scrollwork and they look really good as designs.

What is bugging me is someone told me that it was a term used as an insult at one time but these days the word is embraced by mexicans born in the states etc.

My issue is that i will never print or design anything that has a racial or negative slur against anyone, i cannot be associated with that. i have read up on the net and looked everywhere and there is no definitive answer

Where do i stand on this? is the chicano, chicana name now acceptable in use or should i just cancel the quote and contract and ask them to re-word what they want?