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Lowrider Music

NdelaneyTU NdelaneyTU
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Posted: 11/11/12
02:05 PM

Hey guys, I am currently a student at Temple University, located in Philadelphia PA, and I am doing a research project on lowriding. More specifically, I chose to look at how hip-hop influences lowriding. I am looking to get some first-hand insight on some of my topics. So here I go - What do you guys mainly listen to? (genre, artist, ext.) Also, do you guys prefer older chicano rap such as Kid Frost or newer chicano rap? Lastly, do you guys consider mainstream rappers as being part of the lowriding culture and if so, which ones do you listen to? (rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, The Game, Ext...) Any comments appreciated!  

SweetDreamsCC SweetDreamsCC
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Posted: 11/12/12
04:59 PM  

oglilart oglilart
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Posted: 04/09/13
09:34 PM