1981 Cadillac Deville on auction/sale

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1981 Cadillac Deville on auction/sale

snohomiescaddyranch snohomiescaddyranch
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Posted: 09/25/12
08:42 PM

1981 Sedan Deville

Grin $500 to start of ebay auction, buy it now at $800.

Located in Snohomish, Washington.

It's a 1981 Sedan Deville, RUNS & drives. 5 days on ebay auction, $500 to start.

Has broken sunroof glass (still has metal glass frame and mechanical components) and sagging headliner, a dent on rear passenger quarter, rear bumper and trunk lid have dent damage but still functional and can easily be replaced with straight pieces. Comes with new shocks and water pump in trunk, new parts included. very minor rust, like small bits on driver fender and such. Overall pearl grey paint is in good shape, could polish up easily.
This could be easily fixed up, considering how clean and undamaged the interior is, it would probably just need a new headliner and roof glass.
Would work as a daily driver or with some tweeking a show car such as a "donk", or lowrider.