looking for a lowrider!!

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looking for a lowrider!!

mrbrock15 mrbrock15
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Posted: 08/01/11
12:48 PM

looking for a lowrider in good-nice condition.

under $20,000.

email me -  

BlueMonteCarlo BlueMonteCarlo
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Posted: 11/14/11
07:12 PM

How about this one Mr. Brock?

Check the photo album here:
The highly sought after Chevrolet Monte Carlo can been seen in everything from The Fast and The Furious, to winning awards at regional car shows. It can appeal to every demographic. It's power allures all generations, and the sheer quality of the body's lines will blow anyone away. A well cared for Chevrolet can be the pride of an entire family.
This 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo has only been owned by one family. It was originally my Great Grandmother's car. My Father took it to prom. Over the past five years, my Father and I have put countless hours into restoring this vehicle. From replacing the engine to restoring the body, every little detail has been cared for.
The custom dual exhaust increases horse power and makes the engine growl like a lion at idle. You've got to hear it roar on the highway, it's got some serious range on the acceleration. The all new hoses insure that there are no leaks, and the new fuel injector comforts the quality of its barely driven new engine. A brand new distributor cap snaps new spark plugs into new wires and highlights the massive four barrel high-performance Edelbrock carburetor. The chrome air filter stands high atop this pyramid of quality machinery. The massive front-fan keeps everything cool and gives you working room too. The new chrome alternator shines right next to the brand new battery and the massive 0 gauge wire and fuse that leads to the phenomenal sound system.
But don't worry, the JVC KD-HDR1 head unit is hidden in the glovebox to deter theft. This instills the quality of the original dashboard and faceplate. The driver's ash tray has been replaced by a custom iPod and iPhone station. If you're tired of the HD radio or your CD's, go ahead and choose your song, plug your iPod in and bathe in liquid crystal sound that only this system can provide. The 6"x9" Rockford Fosgate speakers smack with amazing clarity, and their built-in tweeters pinch up to the highest frequencies while the mid-bass driver welts out the baseline. These two speakers could handle everything alone, but the custom mounted Kicker tweeters in the front ensure that the high-tones are received everywhere. The Infinity 4"x6" speakers hold the mid-range down and balance out the acoustics of the auditorium--I mean, car.
The reason the mirrors are shaking and the hood is vibrating like a wave might be found in the trunk. The top of the line JL Audio subwoofer stares down any audiophile from its the custom sealed enclosure. The 1 farad capacitor ensures that peak demand is met, and the 900 watt Sony Xplod amp provides the flow that all types of music demand. Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Techno, Folk, Funk--whatever you like sounds fantastic. As if all that wasn't enough, another 960 watt Power Acoustic amplifier keeps the competition rolling between treble and bass on all measures.
Did I mention that you'll be sitting on brand new cushions and upholstery too? These bench seats are no joke. You can lie down, stretch out and pull into drive-through movies if you'd like to, and of course you'll have room for friends too. It was a mid-sized sedan when produced in the 1971, but compared to cars now a days this interior space makes a claustrophobic nice and cozy.
No worries about scuffing the carpet either. Although its brand new and custom fit, its tough black fibers will provide the peace of mind for anyone stepping in and out of your car. But watch that chrome siding! You don't want to scratch it or dent it! That stuff is not cheap.
Nor are the rims now that I think about it, or the wheels. It could thrive center stage on a music video, or in a classic car show. Either way, you'll be looking through brand new clear glass windshields whether you're looking out or looking in. The front windshield is lightly tinted and darkened on the top to prevent sun glare, and the back is treated for UV protection to prevent damage to upholstery.
The chrome trim leads all the way to the chrome bumpers which are in great condition. There are a few minor bumps and dings in the front bumper, and the back bumper is pretty much spotless. It is a little bit opened up on the back right side, but its nothing do distract from the insane quality of the paint. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. If that doesn't convince you, see it in person. You'll know exactly what I mean.
The Monte Carlo decals on both sides, and the emblems on the trunk cover and the front grille top off this classic beauty. It can be considered a low rider, a classic, a show car, or even hot rod. This is perfect for any car enthusiast, and although a great deal of work has already been done, it shouldn't deter anyone from making this baby even more amazing. This car is great for anyone who wants to look good, sound good, and feel good too. I can't promise anything when you step out of the car, but inside, I'd say it's good as a guarantee.

BlueMonteCarlo BlueMonteCarlo
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Posted: 11/15/11
03:13 PM