Florida Store?

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Florida Store?

tjalana tjalana
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 02/11
Posted: 02/17/11
12:24 PM

New to this forum so hi to everyone from Ireland.Im coming over to Florida this Year and was hoping to purchase a  20" lowrider for my son and bring back with me.Ive looked everywhere but cannot find a store in Florida where i can have a good look and purchase from there.Can anyone send me in the right direction,thanks,Carl  

fredi8787naples fredi8787naples
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Posted: 09/20/11
10:32 PM

In what part of florida you live?  

lowrider88 lowrider88
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Posted: 01/05/14
04:40 PM

Hi Carl,

Master Lowrider is located in Florida. Sam and Jeff are great guys. They can help you out with lowrider bike parts or full custom bikes. Good luck!