lowrider lincoln town car for sale

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lowrider lincoln town car for sale

airdarioosh airdarioosh
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Posted: 06/15/10
02:04 AM

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The item of this auction is Lowrider built on Lincoln Town Car vehicle. The car was professionally built up in the USA, where it was imported to Poland from. Lowrider jumps up, gives the possibility to ride on three wheels. The suspension itself comes from specialized Hydrostorm Hydraulics company and it is advanced system based on 3 pumps, which cooperate with four piston pumps. One of the pumps work on the front suspension, the other two operate right and left rear wheels. As the power supply for the hydraulic system is the set of ten twelve-volts batteries placed in the car boot. The system is operated from the driver's cab directly via 4 pads- the first one enables the front suspension movement, including jumping, the second one- the whole rear axle and the third and fourth ones allow to regulate separately each wheel of rear axle.
If you intersting give me a call +48 501 683 923 or send me a message airdarioosh@gmail.

link to the announcement in poland: