How much to buy and install low-rider hydraulic kit ?

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How much to buy and install low-rider hydraulic kit ?

skinnypimp skinnypimp
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Posted: 11/20/08
01:08 AM

i need a price quote on how much it would cost to purchase a good hydraulic kit not a weak one that just gos up and down and not one that make my car go super high just one that can get the front end about a foot or so off the ground.this is for my first lowrider.  

twisted_envy twisted_envy
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Posted: 01/24/10
12:30 AM

The first setup!!!!!

                    Well as we all know just a basic f/b= front back setup can jump your front end up almost 2 feet. but when dealing with hydros it sounds like you have watched the dr. dre. video let me ride!!  Now depending on where your wanting to take your ride. either just for rollin around town and not a trailer queen. you should be able to get hooked up with a front back side side 3 wheel and pancake system for around 3 g's and change