86 S10. Abandon or Trick out?

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86 S10. Abandon or Trick out?

Styleten Styleten
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Posted: 09/20/09
02:36 PM

Whats up,
I have a 86 black S10 pickup. A lil 2.5 ltr.
It runs with no defects to it. It isnt' my everyday ride so it sits a lot.

Is there any appeal to a tricked out 80s s10 or has any and all appeal to the vehicle fallen off the map. If global opinion is that after the investment the vehicle will still be an enevitable flop as an eye catcher i'd rather invest my money into something that will have more global appeal.

I know this is art and its all about beauty in the eye of the beholder.
I know its all about being happy with my own investments and with my own ride.

Still i ask  

cartoon cartoon
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Posted: 09/28/09
05:31 PM

it dosent matter what make or model it my opinion every car has potential.the true magic is in the person whoes building it.ive seen people take cars that look like the only thing they are good for is scrap metal and turn um into some of the most buitiful rides ive ever it all comes down to you wether your willing to put the time and effort in the only advice is that if your heart and soul aint into building it dont even bother cuz it will never reach its true potential and you wont be happy with the result.