need some prices for lowrider hydraulics

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need some prices for lowrider hydraulics

PacPac PacPac
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Posted: 12/19/07
03:47 AM

My name is adi. i'm from Romania. I have a passion for lowriders, but I have no ideea how much it would cost to equip the car with the neccesary hydraulics.
What parts do I need, and how much will it cost? could someone make a list with a total price? I have a Peugeot 206. and i want to make it unique. i don't know if there are 5 cars in all romania equipped with adjustable hydraulics system. I would like a 2 controller system. 1 for the front and one for the rear. I'm guessing it requires 2 pumps, but that's as far as I could gather (information wise speaking). Please help me!  

Drew69 Drew69
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Posted: 12/19/07
01:23 PM

Look man my name is andrew my truck is on here..just look for me. I know exactly what you need. gather about 1100 dollars man. and i can get u a 2 pump set-up. all you'll need to but is the batteries. my truck has one pump and its awesome.  

moises moises
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Posted: 12/19/07
01:48 PM

hi i am from guatemala and i want make a lowrider but i need to know where shoping i need help please answer me to or  

jkm425206 jkm425206
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Posted: 10/04/08
09:33 PM

yo waDUP drew69.. ur truck is tiite yo.
u said u only have 1 pump and u have 4dumps and 9switches right? wuts dumps?
and is the 1pump what u have in the truck area?
how much would it cost for a set up like yours?
i see the price above for 1100$ what is that price for?
aiite man holla at me bro. i dont know much about hyrdaulics. i was a racer but changing my ish.
email me at thanks man  

mike_92_cancun mike_92_cancun
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Posted: 06/02/09
04:33 PM

men whats up!!
i have a lincon town car 1994
but im looking
price of hidrulics
you know
for good punping
but i need prices
not too expensive