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ModestoCruiser62 ModestoCruiser62
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Posted: 05/25/09
01:17 PM

Im not one to complain, but i have to write a few lines about how I feel about Lowrider Magazine. Looking back at the Lowrider Magazines of the 70s 80s and early 90s, there was so much more to Lowrider than just cars. There were poems, advice( escucha la tia chucha), Dedications, and EVENTS. There was a strong push for education and cultural pride. Now 90% of the Lowrider events are cut off and the magazine has cut all of its original sections.Lowrider Magazine used to give out scholarships, and pushed education amongst Latino youths. Some suggestions I would like to give to Lowrider are to bring back the Cinco De Mayo cover issues,reprint more of its original sections in the magazine, and offer more tour events, ESPECIALLY in Northern California. The San Joaquin Valley, particularly the Modesto, Stockton, and Sacramento areas are constantly ignored. Modesto has some of the cleanest cars and is the birthplace of American Graffiti. Lowrider Por Vida!  

elaay_kidd elaay_kidd
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Posted: 07/26/13
08:39 AM