Hydraulics Cost?

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Hydraulics Cost?

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Posted: 06/01/08
10:25 PM

How much would a set of hydraulics cost?
im not talking about the fancy hydraulic system with chrome pumps and all that *** just a set so i can put the cars ass up/face down/side 2 side.

planning to put on a 81 cutlass supreme Smile  Grin


FundiMotorsports FundiMotorsports
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Posted: 06/02/08
10:28 AM

I should be a *sshole.. Tongue

But what every you want to spend. Your basic install is around $900. equipment another $1000.. Depends on how you wire it up is to what it can do. Got nothing to do with set-up really..

Now if you want your car to last . then that's a diff. story!!! Reinforce , good springs ,pumps , hydraulic oil , reinforced arms / pockets , and the list can go on.. It's something you got to live for if you want to be respected. I hate weekend Ryder's or garage fools. They tend to come on here or LIL with stupid ?'s. Grin  
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