Custom Honda Civic Lowrider For Sale

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Custom Honda Civic Lowrider For Sale

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Posted: 04/17/08
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Custom  Honda Civic For Sale on Ebay

Did all mods myself. 18 inch Kong Racing wheels. 30,000 miles on newly built 1.6 SOCH VTECH with Greddy Header. Short shifter and cold air intake and exhaust. Interior fully fiberglass and custom; one of a kind dash and center console. Windows in the front floors. Blaupunk cd player and Blapunk speakers. ECU mounted in glove box. 4 point roll cage and racing seats with 3 point harness safety belts. Full air ride kit, cylinder struts, 1/2 inch airlines and valves. Largest 12 volt compressor available with it's own battery to supply power. 10 switch switchbox, and will do full up, full down, sea-saw, pancake, side-to-side, and all individual corners. Molded in 10 gallon air tank for long lasting fun. The body work is something awesome! Molded front and rear bumpers. Items that were shaved out include the door handles, washer squirters, side moldings, rear license plate bracket, and reverse lights. One of a kind ram air hood. One piece projection headlights and clear tail lights. Manual windows, no locks, and electronic door popper kit. Kilometer per hour gauge. Gross weight of vehicle 3,400 lbs. Custom paint includes 3 colored marbleized hood, brilliant yellow, airbrushed reverse lights on trunk, and airbrushed civic on trunk. A box frame has been installed for added structure. This car runs great, gets great gas mileage, and is extremely dependable. It has been an award winner nationally. This car is stunning. L 1259E79f99635048b435b32daad6c615