Rare GM Accessory Turret Top Antenna for sale

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Rare GM Accessory Turret Top Antenna for sale

old_memories_cc old_memories_cc
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Posted: 07/15/05
08:30 AM

For sale is a Rare GM Accessory Turret Top Antenna (Part No. 985222  – Group No. 9.645) for the 1937 – 1939 Chevrolet’s.  It’s NOS in the box and in great condition.  There is one piece missing on this unit, it’s the larger mounting bracket that goes near the center of the roof on the car; the piece the antenna goes thru at the end.  I have pictures of the missing mount just in case someone would like to manufacturer it.  It’s the Accessory that will make your ride stand out from the rest at the next car show,….and will make people be envious of you.  For more info please contact:
Rigoberto Charo
Home: 512.719.4922
Cell: 512.228.6465  

suavetic suavetic
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Posted: 03/12/13
08:50 PM

Hi bro,..if ur account is still active, please get back to me,..Im asking about your old turret top antenna. David, Old Memories ***  

bambi-1955 bambi-1955
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Posted: 12/10/13
07:26 AM

Please very interested turret still available for sale ?
1 403 227 5676   or
thanku  ronb